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From sepia to selfies: The evolution of photography


From the timeless mementos of the past to the smartphone selfie phenomenon of today, the concept of photography has evolved rapidly in recent years to become one of our most prominent and engaging daily habits. Today, on World Photography Day, we are exploring how photo sharing platforms such as Flickr cater to and have evolved to encompass the changing nature of photography.  

The rise of the cameraphone, and the ease with which photography apps such as Flickr inspire users to capture, store, browse and share every moment, anywhere, at any time, have shifted photography from just being about capturing a moment, to now living in it.  So far throughout 2014, iPhones (5, 5S, 4S & 4) have dominated the list of the top cameras used on Flickr, with both Sony and Samsung camera phones also in the top five brands.  Since the launch of Flickr 3.0 in April 2014, global mobile uploads on Flickr have increased by 50%. This demonstrates that photography is now more immediate, personal, mobile and a part of our everyday lives, whether it is an image of a world event, an iconic building, a living legend, or simply a #selfie. Today, more than ever, a picture really does speak a thousand words.

Home to over 10 billion photos, uploaded by more than 92 million unique users, it is estimated that more than 3.5 million photos are uploaded to Flickr each day, with the need for speed and instant sharing capabilities clearly a priority of many users in our fast-paced society today.  Since introducing auto-uploader on the iPhone in October 2013, over 40% of photos are now auto-uploaded through the app.

Despite the impromptu nature of photography today, photos are still the memories of our lives which should be protected and saved in their original beauty and quality, and with 1TB of storage, each user can save an average of 250,000 photos in their original quality on Flickr - a lifetime of photos all in one place.  

Through photo sharing platforms such as Flickr we have the ability to store these relentlessly powerful moments behind the photographs, not just in our minds, but forever in their physical form as well.

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Fantasy vs. Reality: How far will you go to beat your mates this season?

By Ian Nolan, Head of Yahoo Sports, EMEA

The World Cup is over, the hype has died down and the sun has set on Brazil.  That can only mean one thing - The Premiership is back and Fantasy Football Friday is upon us!  

Whilst we know that sport, and football in particular, is a daily habit for many of our users throughout the football league season, according to a poll to mark the launch of Yahoo’s new mobile Fantasy Football app, today (Friday) is the day of the week when football fans’ REAL loyalties are revealed.  According to a poll, nearly a third (32%) of UK Fantasy players refuse to pick players from a rival club to the team they support in real life, and a staggering 60% of French Fantasy Football players claim they will not pick players from a rival team.

Our research also revealed the following surprising stats about Fantasy users:

  • 20% of UK Fantasy users have stopped a car during a journey and more than one in ten (14%) have lied to a loved one in order to change their fantasy team.

  • One in five Brits (22%) update their fantasy team on the toilet.

  • 50% of Italian fantasy football players have made their changes on the beach.

  • 30% of fantasy football players across Europe have left a night out with family or friends early in order to change their team.

So as a nation we felt England’s pain in Brazil, all claiming we could do a better job than Roy. Now’s your chance to prove it. Throughout the season you can join in with the Friday buzz, via the #FantasyFootballFriday hashtag.

The Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football app will keep fans entertained throughout the season, as it blurs the reality of weekly domestic league games with the sheer delight of beating your friends with your Fantasy team, week in, week out, right in the palm of your hand.  

To get started, download the app from the iOS app store or Google Play store today or sign up online.  Then use your £100m budget wisely as you select your team and lead them to victory!

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INTERNATIONAL YOUTH DAY 2014: A celebration of young talent at Yahoo EMEA

Today Yahoo is joining in the celebration of International Youth Day, recognising the efforts of the world’s youth and celebrating the roles of young men and women as essential partners of change.  

Here at Yahoo EMEA we support this vision, attracting and retaining the best young talent in the industry and fundamentally changing the way we market to drive a young culture internally and externally throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  We strive to create a workplace that works for everyone, driven solely by a culture of innovation and excellence.

As the world around us becomes increasingly more digital, International Youth Day is an occasion for us to spotlight some of the great young talent driving our business at the heart of that shift.  

We believe the creativity and innovation of Yahoo’s young talent is essential when building products and campaigns that both entertain and inspire our users. Over the past year we have tapped into the daily lives of our young audience by creating relevant content and products including our new apps: Yahoo News Digest, Yahoo Aviate and Yahoo Sport as well as exclusive live streaming of some of the biggest films premieres of the past year, such as The Hunger Games and One Direction’s This Is Us and the delivery of big impact campaigns such as On The Road and Wireless, all adding to our commitment to the younger demographic.

On top of all of that, we think the inclusive and dynamic culture here at Yahoo is what makes it a great place for young people to work, but don’t just take our word for it, hear it from some of the young talent driving our business throughout the EMEA region…..

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The New Yahoo Mail App, Now on iPhone and iPad

By Andrew Molyneux, Senior Product Manager, Yahoo Mail

We rely on our mobile devices for many things throughout the day — to check email, search, read news, catch up on sports scores or look up the weather forecast among others. Today we’re introducing the latest Yahoo Mail app for iPhone and iPad, and will be rolling it out for Android phones over the next week, so all the information that’s most important to you is right at your fingertips. We’ve designed it with a focus on simplicity: it’s the familiar Yahoo Mail experience, plus one-tap access to personalized, real-time information that matters to you most.

When you first open the Yahoo Mail app, you’ll see your Yahoo Mail inbox and a new panel at the top with icons for Mail, News and Today. This is where all your news, information, and communications come together in one integrated experience.   image

As part of this update, we’re introducing a new experience when you search for people in your inbox. When you start typing a name, Yahoo Mail offers smart search suggestions — including both people and messages — to help you narrow down your search. The app filters your search results by messages, files or photos, and you can easily scroll through them to find what you’re looking for. This feature will be rolling out over the next couple of days.

When you’re finished reading and replying to your email, see what’s happening in the world by tapping on the News icon and scrolling through the visually rich news stream. You can also swipe from tab-to-tab on Android phones.

Let’s head over to the Today icon. Here’s where you’ll find a snapshot of the information that matters to you most every day — from your local weather to a news digest to the latest stock quotes and sports scores you care about. Simply tap the relevant icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen to quickly and seamlessly move between your inbox, news stream, and Today.                       


We’re excited to bring you the latest versions of the new Yahoo Mail app, available in the App Store today. We hope you enjoy it!


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Kick off the 2014-15 Football season with the all-new Yahoo Sport Fantasy Football Game across all your screens

By Ian Nolan, Head of Yahoo Sport EMEA

As the sun goes down on Brazil, the 2014-15 season is on the horizon and it’s your turn to take to the pitch with the new Yahoo Sport Fantasy Football game. We’ve added a brand new mobile app for Android and iOS, refreshed the desktop experience and added two new leagues, Bundesliga and Italian League.



In building the app, we’ve focused on creating a beautiful user experience that doesn’t compromise speed, keeping Fantasy Managers connected to the game, informed and entertained every day of the week throughout the season - Monday morning through to Sunday night. Once the season starts, you can easily make a snap transfer decision, or quickly check in on your team’s performance whilst on the move. So pick your team, challenge your friends and be inspired to take control of the “beautiful game” this season.  


Here’s the topline summary:

  • Mobile – the game is available across multi-screens - on iPhone, Android and a refreshed desktop experience - so if you are at a match, at home or on the move, you can follow your Fantasy game anytime anywhere -  once the season starts, users can see their points streaming, real-time, on their device, and make player transfers on the go.

  • Now with Five European Leagues to choose from - you can play the league you know best, or pit your skills in any of the other major European leagues.  We now offer Fantasy Football for Bundesliga, English Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1 ®* and Italian League.

  • Social Interaction – Fantasy is all about the rivalry. Sign in and play against your mates by creating or joining leagues among your friends. Once the leagues start, compete against them and others in the weekly head to head leaderboards as well as the overall season tally.

  • Data and Statistics - Yahoo’s game uses big data to calculate player performance which feeds into our unique player pricing algorithm. Player prices will fluctuate like on the stock market, spiking after a good performance, and falling after a bad one. You can enjoy playing the game, but also tap into our rich repository of player stats to unearth nuggets of information that’ll convince your friends you are the font of all football knowledge.

  • Live Player Updates – Once the matches kick off, the app will feature real time player point updates from your team so you can easily check in to see where you all stand.  

Sign up and download the Yahoo Sport Fantasy Football app now from the app store or Google Play and lead your team to victory.

*(presented by the French Professional Football League)

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The new Yahoo app delivers better mobile content discovery now on Android and iPhone

Whether waiting for a morning coffee or commuting home from work, we all love catching up on the latest news and information throughout the day. Today, we’re excited to introduce the new Yahoo app for Android and iPhone in the UK that brings you the best of the web with an experience designed for your phone.

The new Yahoo app for Android and iPhone offers a beautiful and immersive experience that helps you get the news you need and the stories you love. You can easily share your favourite stories right from the news stream. For each article, you will find buttons to share via Mail, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more. You can also save your favourite articles to read later.


Swiping left-to-right to move through stories allows you to see a snapshot of each article before you read it for those on-the-go moments.


The Yahoo app brings together the best of the web so that you can easily search, check the weather, get the top headlines from Yahoo News Digest, and see popular Flickr photos. Just tap the Y icon in the upper right hand corner to access them all in one place.


We hope you enjoy our latest app, available, download the new Yahoo App for Android and iPhone today.

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Yahoo appoints Marc Bignell as Head of Trading for the EMEA region


 Yahoo has today announced the appointment of Marc Bignell, as Head of Trading Yahoo EMEA. Bignell will be based in London and will report to Dawn Airey, SVP Yahoo EMEA.

In the newly created role, Marc will be responsible for driving agency relationships and trading agreements across Yahoo’s core markets in Europe, Middle East and Africa. He will work closely with Brigitte Cantaloube, Commercial Director Yahoo EMEA, Nick Hugh, Head of Display Solutions and Patrick Albano, Head of Solutions Development.

He joins from Omnicom Media Group where he was Chief Investment Officer of its worldwide division. Prior to that, Marc has held various roles over a 20 year career at Omnicom including Joint Managing Director of OPera Media UK and Trading director EMEA for OMG.

Dawn Airey, SVP Yahoo EMEA said “I am thrilled Marc is joining us. He is an industry heavyweight with exceptional senior trading and commercial leadership experience across all media types and key global markets. With a great understanding of the technological advances in the industry and experience of leading large and diverse teams and a great team playing attitude, Marc’s credentials speak for themselves. Therefore, he is the ideal appointment to lead our agency trading relationships in the EMEA region and I can’t wait for his contribution to our success to begin.”

Marc added “Over the past year, Dawn has brought a strong bench of leaders and a strong team together to drive change and growth for Yahoo in EMEA. I have worked with Yahoo on the agency side for many years and the transformation in recent months has been palpable. The opportunity to be part of it and grow the business during this renaissance and crucial paradigm shift on the consumer as well as on the ad technology side was too good to pass up.”

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Nigeria is in its hour of need… it’s the duty of the international community to do what we can to support the government.

former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown

Watch the full interview.  

(via katiecouric)

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Yahoo to Acquire Flurry to Strengthen Mobile Products


By Scott Burke, SVP Advertising Technology

Over the past couple of years, Yahoo has been focused on re-imagining our users’ daily habits, and mobile is at the center of everything we do. Today, I’m excited to announce the next step in our vision, that we have reached a definitive agreement…